About Truck Campers

Being one of the top Truck Camper Dealers in this area, A & M Services prides itself on these wonderful assets to the RV industry, carrying Bigfoot, Northstar, Lance & Northwood’s Arctic Fox & Wolf Creek Truck Campers. RVers know there are many accessories for any kind of RV but what if you are new to RVing?  We have dedicated this page to the people wanting to find out more about Truck Campers and the many accessories & advantages that come with them.

Matching the Right Camper with the Right Truck

Truck Campers are made for all types of trucks and are a better pair if matched correctly.  For instance, you do not want to put a Truck Camper built for a 3/4 ton truck on a 1/2 ton truck.  Whether you already have a truck or not we can help match the right Truck Camper to the right truck.  If you do not have a truck, we recommend finding the Truck Camper you want first, then buying the compatible truck.  This is best so you will not limit your Truck Camper options.

Tie Down Systems

In order to secure a Truck Camper to a truck, you will need a tie down system.  We sell HappiJac and Tork Lift tie down systems, which are designed for specific year, make & model trucks.  For instance, a tie down system for a 2006 F150 may not be the same for a 2008 F150.  Tie down systems are sold & installed according to what truck you have and which system you prefer.

Along with a tie down system, we recommend a heavy duty rubber bed mat which prevents any shifting of the camper and also protects the bottom of the camper and truck.  Truck Camper plugs, whether they are 7 or 6 way, are located at the front or the rear of the Truck Camper.  If located at the front, a car end 7 or 6 way can be installed in the bed of the truck for easy connection.  If you prefer not to have a plug in the truck bed, you can use an extension instead.  The truck will need to have this same connection at the bumper if the Truck Camper has the plug at the rear.  A & M Services can get you connected & on your way!


In the state of North Carolina, as well as many other states, Truck Campers are not registered through the DMV and are state taxed, which is 6.75% in North Carolina.  The one advantage to this is you will never have to pay taxes again on a Truck Camper.


If you live out of state, let us deliver your new Truck Camper & pay NO TAXES!!

Accessories and Options

Truck Campers can be built with many options, such as generators, awnings, satellites, solar panels, electric jacks and much more.  If a Truck Camper does not have a generator or an awning where you would prefer, don’t worry, A & M Services can install any accessory or appliance to make the Truck Camper of your dreams!  (PS. As long as your dreams are in reach & the Truck Camper is compatible.)


Below you will find pictures of accessories we added to customers’ Truck Campers.


Truck camperTop of truck camper

Truck camper pulling boatCamper porchMen on camper porch

Back of campercamper generatorFront of truck camper